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Experienced contract attorneys in Appleton, WI look out for your interests

Accomplished Appleton Business Litigation Lawyers Protecting Your Business Assets

The Appleton contract lawyers at Silton Seifert Carlson, S.C. understand the importance of drafting contracts that clearly state all terms and obligations to avoid future disputes. We have experience drafting all types of contracts relating to the establishment and operation of a business, including business formation, employment and financing agreements.

But no matter how well a contract is written, sometimes things go wrong. Unfortunately, contracts can be breached. When that occurs, we are prepared to vigorously represent you in business litigation. Our Appleton corporate law attorneys have successfully resolved business cases involving contracts, trade secrets and employment.

Aggressive business litigation lawyers in Appleton defend your business against various business torts

Our Appleton business law attorneys have experience with all kinds of claims, including breach of contract, business torts, partnership disputes, trademarks and unfair competition. When mediation or arbitration fails to settle these claims, it becomes necessary to settle them in court. We represent corporations, partnerships, other business entities and individuals in actions involving breach or interference of a contract, unfair competition, intellectual property infringement and theft of trade secrets. We also help those victimized by a delay in or failure to complete construction projects.

Issues related to business litigation include:

  • What remedies are available to you for a breach of contract?
  • Have your competitors engaged in illegal business practices that resulted in economic losses to your company?
  • Has your business trademark been stolen, resulting in a loss to your company’s brand and reputation?
  • Has a current or former company employee stolen intellectual property owned by the company?
  • Are you in a dispute with a business partner regarding the managing of the company?
  • Has a contractor or subcontractor failed to complete the terms of a construction project?

We can address these issues and take steps to avoid future litigation.

Taking steps to avoid litigation

Our experienced business litigation attorneys in Appleton understand that preventing business disputes is the best way to avoid litigation. We offer the following preventive measures:

  • Drafting contracts — We draft contracts that discourage breaches by clearly stating the terms and obligations as well as the remedies available should the contract be breached.
  • Assessment of potential damages — If you are the victim of unfair competition, we do the research to determine if economic injury to your business can be proven.
  • Trademark protection — We guide you through the process of registering your trademark and protecting it from theft.
  • Trade secret protection — We draft all necessary nondisclosure, noncompetition and other confidentiality agreements to be signed by your employees.
  • Draft formation agreements — Our business formation lawyers in Appleton carefully draft all necessary business formation documents, including partnership and shareholder agreements, specifying the obligations of each party. We also offer comprehensive business succession planning services.
  • Review of construction agreements — We review the terms of construction contracts to assess the remedies or damages available to you.

If you become the victim of a breach of contract, unfair completion, trademark infringement, trade secret theft, an internal company dispute or an uncompleted construction project, our business litigation attorneys in Appleton aggressively represent you and your company in a binding arbitration hearing or at a trial in a court of law.

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