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Knowledgeable Appleton Commercial Real Estate Lawyers Representing You in All Commercial Property Transactions

Silton Seifert Carlson, S.C. helps clients buy, sell, option and lease commercial property such as office buildings, apartment buildings and manufacturing plants. Our Appleton commercial real estate lawyers also assist owners and developers with property development and management issues. In addition, we review and prepare necessary legal contracts and documents for buying and selling property. Our Appleton real estate lawyers represent you from the initial contract negotiation to closing.

Commercial real estate attorneys in Appleton who draft, review and negotiate commercial property transactions

For any real estate transaction involving commercial property, careful review of the proposed purchase contract is as important as the drafting of the contract. This applies to purchase contracts, landlord-tenant contracts, homeowner association documents and condominium articles of incorporation. Potential traps, such as unknown easements, deed restrictions and potential liabilities, can lurk in these contracts and other documents. Issues that may have to be addressed include:

  • Is the purchase price fair?
  • Are there liabilities attached to the property that is to be acquired?
  • Is property to be developed?
  • Are there potential property disputes?

Our experienced commercial real estate transactions lawyers in Appleton can help resolve these issues.

Appleton real estate transactions attorneys represent your best interests in any commercial property transaction

Our experienced commercial real estate lawyers in Appleton can assist you with all your commercial property transactions by providing services and solutions including:

  • Reviewing a purchase agreement — Whether we represent the buyer or the seller, we carefully consider whether the price for the property reflects the fair market value.
  • Examining a purchase agreement for liabilities — We review the agreement and inform you about any potential liabilities related to the property to be acquired. For example, the purchaser of the property may be required to perform an environmental cleanup.
  • Assisting with property development — We draft and file articles of incorporation, bylaws and operating rules to get your entity started when you have property to develop.
  • Representing you in disputes — Our zoning attorneys in Appleton have experience in real estate litigation and can represent you in the administrative process or in court regarding residential or commercial landlord-tenant disputes, boundary disputes or claims against community associations.

Our commercial real estate lawyers in Wisconsin assist buyers, sellers, developers and landlords with real estate disputes.

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