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Dedicated probate lawyers in Appleton, WI.

Skilled Appleton Estate Administration Attorneys Assisting with the Disposition of Your Property

Once you have your estate plan in place, you can relax, knowing that all your wishes regarding the transfer of your assets and property will be carried out after your death. However, for your wishes to be carried out, your estate must be administered and settled properly. Depending on the particulars of the estate plan, administering an estate may involve probating a will in court, collecting and managing the assets of the estate, paying off debts and taxes and transferring any remaining assets to the beneficiaries. It’s important to seek legal advice from the experienced estate planning attorneys in Appleton at Silton Seifert Carlson, S.C.. We can assist with administering your estate through wills and trusts and succession planning. Our probate attorneys in Appleton also have experience with estate taxes and probate litigation. They have given numerous presentations to professional and civic groups on the topics of estate planning and administration, wealth transfers and trusts.

Choosing a reliable probate lawyer in Appleton, WI

When you have created a will or trust, you have provided for the future disposition of your wealth, assets and property. But further actions are necessary for your estate plan to reach fruition. Our experienced estate administration attorneys in Appleton understand the many issues that must be considered to ensure the proper administration of an estate, including:

  • Have you prepared a legally valid will?
  • Are any debts owed from the estate?
  • How much estate tax is owed?
  • Are there potential probate disputes?

As experienced estate administration lawyers in Appleton, we address these issues to ensure that your assets are transferred according to your wishes.

Appleton probate attorneys understand the estate administration process

Our firm’s knowledgeable probate attorneys can ensure that your estate is properly managed with or without probate. We offer the following solutions:

  • Probate a will — The knowledgeable probate attorneys of Silton Seifert Carlson, S.C. know the procedures for presenting a will in court. We advise executors and personal representatives about their fiduciary duties under the will.
  • Pay debts — If there are any debts owed by the estate, our experienced Appleton business lawyers deal with the creditors to make sure they are paid. After that has been done, we gather the remaining estate assets and distribute them to the intended beneficiaries.
  • Assess taxes — If any estate taxes are owed, we prepare the necessary estate tax returns.
  • Represent the estate in court — We represent the estate to handle any disputes and can prove the authenticity of a will. If an executor or administrator is breaching fiduciary duties, we can file a petition to appoint a different executor or personal representative.

Our Wisconsin attorneys capably administer your estate to ensure that all your wishes regarding the disposition of your property are carried out.

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