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Experienced Appleton estate planning lawyers ensure your final wishes are carried out.

Trustworthy Appleton Estate Planning Attorneys Protecting You and Your Family’s Future

An estate plan is essential to ensure that your hard-earned wealth and business assets pass to your beneficiaries as you intend. Estate planning is especially important when you have a family-owned business. At Silton Seifert & Carlson SC, our estate planning lawyers in Appleton help business owners from business formation through development and execution of their business succession plans. We help you effectively transfer your assets and business to the next generation.

An experienced wills lawyer in Appleton, WI who helps you with all aspects of estate planning

Our Appleton attorneys offer estate planning for individuals as well as businesses. For personal estates, we can prepare the necessary documents to ensure that your family is protected after your death. But it is also important for you as a business owner to consider what will happen if you can no longer manage or operate the business. You need a lawyer in Wisconsin to help you consider the following issues:

  • Have you prepared a will or set up a trust?
  • Do you want to designate someone else to manage your business when you are unable to?
  • Is your business family owned?
  • Whom do you want to succeed you as the owner of the business?

Our firm’s estate planning attorneys in Appleton can assess what estate planning techniques will work best for you. We then prepare any required documents and agreements to ensure that your assets and business are protected and transferred according to your wishes.

Appleton estate planning attorneys give you peace of mind

At Silton Seifert Carlson, S.C., we can create a beneficial estate plan for you and your family by determining what estate planning techniques are best suited for your situation. You need to take into consideration which state and federal laws apply, how taxes can be minimized and whether your assets are protected from creditors’ claims. Possible legal solutions we can offer include:

  • Drafting a will — We can prepare a will that states how you want your money and property distributed after your death. Having an experienced wills attorney properly prepare this document is crucial to avoiding costly and time-consuming probate litigation.
  • Creating a trust — We determine the most beneficial type of trust for you to minimize probate costs and estate taxes.
  • Drafting a power of attorney — We create this document so that you can designate another person to manage your business and make operational decisions on your behalf when you are temporarily unable to run your business.
  • Forming a new type of business — If you are the owner of a family business, you may want to consider forming a family limited partnership or family limited liability company to reduce taxes and protect assets.
  • Creating a business succession plan — Our attorneys are experienced in creating this kind of plan, allowing you to transfer your business to the next generation of ownership, whether to family members or others.

Our Appleton probate lawyers help you minimize costs and taxes while transferring your assets and business.

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