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Land Use Issues

Land use attorneys in Appleton defend your property.

Experienced Appleton Land Use Lawyers Protecting Your Property Rights

Silton Seifert Carlson, S.C. helps our clients with real estate development and land use. We are experienced in land acquisition, zoning, easements, eminent domain and water and utility issues. We review any restrictions, such as easements or covenants, that may prohibit your development plans for your property. In addition, we represent you in any government actions against your property.

Eminent domain attorneys in Appleton, WI who represent you in zoning and land use matters

Land use involves a variety of issues that must be considered prior to acquiring or developing property. It’s important, for example, for any housing development or new business to comply with any land use restrictions and zoning regulations affecting the property. Developing vacant property requires connections to municipal services such as water, sewage and other utilities. Sometimes, property can be taken away from an owner by eminent domain, a legal process allowing a government body to gain ownership of private property. Issues an Appleton municipal law attorney should help you consider in these situations include:

  • Is it possible to have property rezoned?
  • What rights does a property owner have when a government entity attempts to take the owner’s property away?

Our experienced Appleton zoning attorneys address and solve complicated land use issues.

Experienced Appleton land use attorneys help you develop and keep your property

Our Appleton real estate law attorneys help solve your land use issues in the following ways:

  • Assist with land development — Our zoning lawyers in Appleton review the property to be developed to see if there are any easements, covenants or other restrictions that may prohibit the development of the land. We ensure that your development complies with all land use requirements and zoning regulations.
  • Get the property rezoned — If the proposed development cannot comply with zoning requirements, we work with the local municipality to get the property rezoned. If that is not possible, lawyers in Wisconsin from our firm assist you in obtaining a variance or conditional use permit.
  • Defend your property against eminent domain — A government entity can take private property for the public good. The owner of the property is entitled to just compensation in this situation. Our eminent domain lawyers in Appleton work with the government entity to ensure the entity makes you a fair offer and to avoid formal condemnation proceedings.

Our skilled Appleton eminent domain attorneys can also assist you with a timely appeal of a Condemnation Commission ruling so you can fight the taking of your property. As top commercial real estate lawyers in Appleton, we also have experience dealing with government bodies and utility companies, and we are dedicated to protecting owner’s rights against illegal seizure of their property by these entities.

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